Adopt an olive tree


Olive trees are witnesses of ancient history and culture. Symbols of peace and harmony. They give birth to the true Gold of Apulia. Olive tree groves, widely spread from the hills to the coast (the Plain of Olive Trees), characterize predominantly the landscape of the Altosalento area.

Apulia, in fact, is the region with the world's highest number of olive trees: more than 60 million. More than a half among them are centuries-old olive trees, abstract sculptures shaped by time and wind. Defend and give value to the identity of olive oil from Apulia! Adopt an olive tree in the Lands of the Ancient Romans. Adopt a centuries-old olive tree, you will help us to preserve and pass on the cultural-historical, architectural, landscape and natural witnesses of immeasurable value.

Defend and hand down this long history, your history. Whoever saves an olive tree, saves the spirit and identity of the soul of the earth. Adoption is a promise, a pact allowing the history of oil to be told. A bridge between the past and the future. Support us with the project "Adopt an olive tree from Apulia ".

Adopt an olive tree of the Ancient Romans