Our History

This is a story with the old flavor of the past centuries, the good taste of freshly pressed oil, the authentic taste of things done well.

On the ancient road Via Appia Traiana, which since the time of Christ joined Brindisi to Rome, lies the estate Masseria Appia Traiana, rich in caves and ravines, close to the sea breezes and protected by the hills of Ostuni, where since millennia towering olive trees reign.

In this area, and only here, the particular chemical composition of the soil, rich in Pleistocene calcarenite-sandy deposits, also called Helix, makes the ancient olive trees generously produce olives characterized by a unique taste, important but delicate, rich in precious organoleptic properties.

Given the precious nature of these olive groves, it has been made a rigorous census that allows full traceability of the produced virgin olive oil.

The family passion since three generations follows with attention and care the cultivation of this monumental olive trees park, producing an olive oil which is the result of a precious blend of several cultivars: Ogliarola, Leccino and Coratina, united to Cime di Melfi, Frantoiana, Pesciolen and Carolea, together create a unique recipe, a combination that is the result of an original family tradition, and a wise calibration of unique scents and flavors. Mrs. Elena Tateo, the able caretaker of the family tradition, invites all fans to visit the monumental park of ancient olive trees, the caves and the ravines that characterize the area. You are welcome.