The Places

Appia Traiana, is a working farm in the countryside of Ostuni producing different qualities of oil owned by Elena Tateo and Alfonso Casale (founder of Telcom SpA).

The estate, which is also a private residence, is characterized by many centenary, thousand-year old and even younger olive trees, having different typologies and shapes. These trees every year delight us with an exceptional quality oil, especially the famous DOP “Hill of Brindisi”.

The production area, situated at the foot of last hills of southern Murgia which is extended almost to the sea, is considered one of the most striking in the area.

The methods of cultivation don’t consider the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers as well as poisons, this fact represents the reason for satisfaction and pride of the valuable features of this precious "green gold".

The unique aroma characterizing this nectar can reach directly the final consumer; families can order and receive it directly at home, without intermediaries such as retailers or supermarkets, usually between the months of December 2015 and January 2016.