The via Appia Traiana

 The via Appia Traiana

Works for the construction of the Via Appia started in 312 b.C. wanted by Console Appio Claudio Lucio.

The original route of the Appia Antica linked Urbe (departing near the Caracalla Baths) with the town of Arriccia, the Foro Appio, Terracina, Fondi, Itri, Formia, Minturono, Mondragone and, finally, Capua.

Afterwords the road has been futhermore extended (190 b.C) till Benevento and Venosa founded during that period and settled by 20.000 roman peasants. In a later epoch, the Via Appia was extended to Taranto and Brindisi.

So the via Appia Traiana would have linked Roma “caput mundi” with all the southern districts of the peninsula and with the Orient through the Brindisi Harbour, where the “Regina viarum” ends. As a matter of fact, numerous rests of oil amphores and transport containers for the transport of goods have been found.